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Residential and Commercial,
AMC Plumbing and Leak Detection can service all of your plumbing needs.
From busted pipes in your basement to sewage backup, to drain problems in your slab foundation, we can take of your residential needs.

Commercial jobs are all different, and you need a company that has done it all.
At AMC, we've taken care of businesses in the Mid-south area for decades.

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"I have been in the plumbing industry for 30 years. I started out doing repairs, leak detections, drain cleaning, rebuilding valves and rewoking plumbing fixtures. I then went on to learn residential plumbing on newly bulit homes from start to finish. From there I went to light commercial plumbing in new construction which included convenient stores, gas stations, tenant lease spaces, etc.

Then I went up to the next level and learned large commercial and industrial work. This included large restaurants, concrete plants, dentist offices, refineries, plants, hospitals, large doctors' offices, etc.

I then decided to further my education in the plumbing industry and learned how to install the plumbing on a boat with pumps, grease traps, and chill water piping. Also outside utilities such as water mains, fire plugs, sewer mains, lift stations, forced mains, storm drains and underground chill water piping with polypropylene pipe. The next project was Fed-Ex World Headquarters. I received more experience on handling all the underground plumbing (water, sanitary and storm) and sewer lift stations.

I opened AMC Plumbing & Utility in 2002. My goal is to give the customers the most for their money- neat and quality work. Also I want to help the public with what to look for in the homeowner's insurance policy so if they have a major problem in their home- it will be covered. "


Al Austin

Check your insurance company to see if the following is covered on your policy; and, Get It In Writing!

  1. Sewage backup inside your home
  2. Water lines repaired or access through slab for repair
  3. Drain lines under your slab or access through slab for repair
  4. Leak detections on water lines or cameras on drains


When we're not plumbing, we're racing.

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